Why Work at BLC?

Making a Difference

Being a counselor at Brant Lake is both challenging and rewarding in equal measure. Working with young people and making a difference in their lives is a profound and significant contribution to the world in which we live.

It's Fun

It is difficult to have a bad day when you are working in a picturesque environment in the Adirondacks, surrounded by good people and happy smiling campers. Many of our campers and counselors describe their time at BLC as the best experience of their lives. Many return, just to visit. Being a BLC counselor is challenging- but guaranteed you will make new friends, have fun along the way and memories to cherish.


Once you walk onto the Brant Lake campus you become part of our family. You will undoubtedly make new friendships. As evidenced by the longevity of our Key Staff, some of these friendships will last a lifetime.


At Brant Lake Camp, we believe we have a unique and thoughtful approach to caring for kids. It starts with really knowing each and every one of them– from their unique personalities, to what sports they like, whether they are lefty or righty, who their friends are, and a whole lot more.

We believe that the most important role a counselor plays at camp is that of a bunk counselor. This is because the relationship between a counselor and his campers, along with how much attention and positive feedback he gives them, will determine a camper’s comfort and happiness.

A Sense of Humor

Any time you are working with children it is best to expect the unexpected as there will doubtless be surprises during the day. A good sense of humor is a valuable asset.

Flexibility and Reliability

Because we adapt our program daily to accommodate the needs of campers, no two days at Brant Lake will be exactly the same. Our camp mantra is that we are “Quick and Nimble.” Our unique approach to the needs of the individual camper demands flexibility and fluency. Counselors must also be flexible enough to adapt to daily changes and on occasions, changes at short notice.


At times, your job may require you to give some direction to campers which may not initially be warmly received e.g., “It’s time to clean up” or “It’s time to go to bed.” If a camper or a group of campers does not respond positively to your suggestion, you will need to remain calm and persistent and, perhaps, ask for assistance from Key Staff if needed.


If you have expertise in a particular area – sports, art, drama, music etc. – and look forward to sharing this expertise with others, BLC offers a great opportunity for you to develop and share your skills. Our Key staff, with years of teaching and coaching experience, are uniquely placed to help develop your skills further.

Awareness of the Privelege & Responsibility of Working with Children

Camp life is a lot of fun. At the same time we can never forget what a huge responsibility and privilege it is to work with children. We are shaping young lives. This is a responsibility which can never be forgotten or taken lightly.

Good Team Players

As a BLC counselor you will be part of a team. Everything we do at camp is designed to give each individual camper the best summer possible. Our goal is for each camper to return home after camp HEALTHY and HAPPY, having made new friends, enjoyed new experiences, increased their self-confidence and gained both athletic and social skills. This camp experience is very much a team effort.

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