Staff Dates & FAQs

Information for Summer 2024

Sunday, June 16th

Camp Begins
Saturday, June 22nd

Camp Ends
Friday, August 9th

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know which age group I will be working with?

During our week of orientation we will assess your skill set and personality and assign you to the group where we think you will be best suited. In the second half of orientation you will be assigned to a bunk in either Sophs/Juniors, Inters or Seniors. Key staff in these areas will assign you to a bunk with a co-counselor and campers where they think you will be most effective and happiest.

How many boys will be in my bunk?

Typically there will be 8 boys and 2 counselors in each bunk. US counselors are usually paired with international counselors. For younger boys, there may be 3 counselors in a bunk, with at least one of these counselors being female.

Is Brant Lake Camp exclusively a boys camp?

No. We also offer two programs for girls. These are: Brant Lake Dance Camp and Brant Lake Sports Academy. Both programs offer employment opportunities for female counselors.

Do I need to be able to swim?

No. If you are a non-swimmer you will not be required to enter the water. Counselors who cannot swim are able to help out and supervise beach activities at the waterfront.

Will I be given First Aid training?

Yes. All counselors will be trained in basic first aid and emergency procedures. Our waterfront staff will receive more advanced training and certification.

Can I get certified as a lifeguard?

Yes. Lifeguard training and certification will be conducted by our Waterfront Director during orientation. There will be both a written and practical assessment.

Can I get certified as a ski boat driver?

Yes. Ski boat driver training and certification will be conducted by our Waterfront Director and local authorities during orientation. There will be both a written and practical assessment.

Is there a fitness center where I can work out during my time off?

Yes. We have a fully equipped fitness center, which counselors can use during their time off. In Senior camp counselors have the opportunity to work out and supervise our older campers.

Can I have the same day off as my friends?

Key staff in your area will make every effort to assign the day off of your choice. You may want to share the same day with a friend from BLC or from our sister camp at Point O’Pines. While this may not always be possible, it is certain you will make new friendships at camp.

Is the camp close to shops?

Stewart’s (ten minutes down the road) is a popular place for counselors to buy snacks and necessities. The town of Chestertown has restaurants, stores and supermarkets and is twenty minutes from campus. Glens Falls, Lake George and Aviation Mall ( with multi-screen movie theater ) are also close-by and popular staff destinations.

Can I drive camp vehicles?

If you are over 21 and hold a clean license you will be able to take a driving test with a member of our key staff. If you pass this test you will be added to the list of certified camp drivers. You will NEVER be asked to drive campers unless you feel comfortable doing so.

I have special dietary needs. Is this a problem?

This is not a problem. We have qualified chefs and dieticians who provide a variety of options at all meals to suit the needs of our campers and staff. If you require a special diet during the summer we will arrange for you to meet with these professionals to plan your diet. Additionally, vegetarian options are available at all meals.

What happens if I get injured?

We have a fully equipped health center with doctors and nurses available 24/7. In case of emergency we have access to local emergency services and hospitals.

What will I need to bring to camp?

As part of your pre-camp orientation package you will be sent a list of things to bring to camp.

Does the camp have internet access?

Yes. The camp has full internet service, giving staff access, during their free time, to social media platforms on mobile phones or computers. Counselors bring these items to camp at their own risk, and are advised to store them safely.

What will the weather be like?

Temperatures in Brant Lake during the summer are typically in the 26C-29C / 78F-84F range. There will be occasional rainy days and occasional cold nights. On cold nights extra blankets will be made available.

How much time off will I get during the summer?

During orientation counselors are given time off to allow them to explore the area and settle into their surroundings. Once campers arrive counselors are given 5 days off and 6 early nights.

How will I get paid?

Brant Lake Camp staff are paid every 2 weeks. You have a choice of receiving a check or direct deposit into a US bank account. For those staff members who come from overseas, we will assist in setting up a bank account in the US with a debit card which we will use to deposit your salary into.