Green and Gray

The Highest Form of Competition

“Victory is in the heart. It is born in the hard, clean fight, the knowledge that you’ve done your best.”

Perhaps the most special of all our events, Green and Gray is the culmination of everything our boys have learned over the course of the summer from both an athletic and sportsmanship perspective.  We say that Green and Gray is the highest form of competition – you try as hard as you can and give every ounce of energy and effort to help your team win, while at the same time, you hope the other team does the same.  As fierce as the rivalry is on the field, the respect and admiration for the opponent is what makes victory that much sweeter and defeat, although disappointing, tolerable because of pride in the effort put forth.

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Grey Squad during Green and Grey

It’s an event unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and once you experience it, it’s something you’ll never forget.

For four days, the entire camp is split into two teams, and once you’re a Green or a Gray, you’re a Green or a Gray for life.  The connection and affinity you have for that team will stick with you forever.  If you bump into a Brant Laker from any era of camp, without fail the first question that will come up will be “Are you Green or Gray?”  The passion and emotion that gets poured into each game is unrivaled.