We have appropriately sized facilities (different basket heights, court dimensions, and ball sizes) based on a camper’s age.  There are over 8 courts, including our indoor arena, feature center campus lighted court, and our always fun “dunk ball” court which is also lighted for night play.

While each basketball session has its own specific objectives based on the skill level of players and whether it is an instructional or game period, our teaching philosophy remains the same.  We emphasize the fundamentals of the game, individual skills, and team play.  Our instructional sessions are action-packed, with little waste of time.  Brant Lake Camp offers many game opportunities which allow campers to put into play those fundamentals and team concepts stressed in practice.

BLC has many middle school, high school, and college coaches, as well as a number of current and former D-1 and D-3 college players, that help coach and run our basketball program.

Learn More About Our Instructional Approach:

- proper shooting, passing, ball handling and foot work techniques
- offensive moves off the dribble (maximizing a triple threat by teaching a variety of moves off the jab step)
 -moving without the ball to use screens and cuts to free oneself.

Team Play
- emphasis on free lance ‘Motion Offense ‘ (or Passing Game), which teaches players to move intelligently no matter what style of play one’s coach utilizes (screening away from the ball, understanding spacing, back-door cuts, v-cuts, etc
- understanding the plus/minus stat to encourage awareness of how to help your team in ways other than scoring

- Man-to-Man Defense
- proper stance, balance and footwork
- proper positioning to be a better help defender
- helping against dribble penetration (help and recover)
- handling screens on the ball (hedge, blitz or switch)
- defending screens away from the ball (including back-screens)
- defending post-ups (fronting, playing on the side, doubling down)
- proper rotations and more

- Fast Break Opportunities
- 2 on 1 and 3 on 2 situations
- How to turn a fast break into a Secondary Break to maximize offense without turning the ball over