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Core Sports (Sample)

Through Four Generations and over 100 years of private ownership, Brant Lake Camp has always taken pride in being a place - "Where Sports Are Done Right"

Brant Lake Camp features four ‘Core’ sports in it’s instructional programs, although there are many others as noted. They include Basketball, Baseball, Tennis and Soccer. The instruction in these sports is second to none and is equal to any specialty camp, largely due to the experience and age-appropriate experience of our coaching staff.


Basketball at Brant Lake Camp is one of our most popular sports and involves top level instruction as well as age-appropriate game play. Our goal is to aid in the growth of a camper’s game from skill development to all aspects of team play.
We have appropriately sized facilities (different basket heights, court dimensions, and ball sizes) based on a camper’s age.  There are over 8 courts, including our indoor arena, feature center campus lighted court, and our always fun “dunk ball” court which is also lighted for night play.


As with our other core sports, baseball offers many instructional opportunities via clinics and Selectivity as well as game opportunities in Intra as well as Intercamp play. Our philosophy is to build a strong base of the necessary skills as well as mechanics to progress in the sport. Importantly, younger clinic sessions include many fun drills and games in order to maintain boys’ concentration and interest.

We have 4 baseball fields, each geared to the age and abilities of our campers. These include official Little League, Babe Ruth League and Major Leagurs distances—the latter set in Alumni Stadium with spectator seating for the entire camp.  All fields are dragged and lined every day, have all-grass infields and two have their own sprinkler systems. Two batting cages with pitching machines are also adjacent to the two larger fields.


Tennis at Brant Lake Camp is a very popular sport and involves top level instruction along with age-appropriate games. Our goal is to aid in the improvement of a camper’s abilities from basic skills to match play.

We have 15 tennis courts, including 6 that can be used for USTA QuickStart play for younger campers.  There are 3 courts that are lighted for night play.


The soccer program emphasizes the core fundamental skills of dribbling, passing, ball protection, shooting, heading, and defensive play. Both skill and game sessions place importance on both individual and team play. One-on-one coaching helps campers to build on their techniques, while group drills provide a chance to learn to execute these skills as an integral part of a team.

We have a beautiful all-grass, full size soccer pitch (which is also divided in half for two simultaneous games by younger age groups) plus a lighted artificial turf practice field.

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