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Sports Instruction

Through Four Generations and over 100 years of private ownership, Brant Lake Camp has always taken pride in being a place - "Where Sports Are Done Right"

At Brant Lake Camp, we take pride in both the quantity and quality of our athletic instruction, which is a core element in all our sports activity. As noted, we know our kids well, both their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses– which make for a better approach to both instruction and coaching. While we have many great counselors, including college and former high school players who are very much involved in our sports instruction, experienced coaches are the leaders and lesson planners. (Our Directors alone have over 100 years of coaching between them.)

As noted, instruction is provided in all sports, in several different ways depending on the mini-camp your son is in. These include:


Required instructional periods for our younger, Junior Campers in our core sports of baseball, basketball, tennis and soccer. We believe in subtle ability-grouping to build confidence and enhance the learning opportunity.


A BLC program which starts in the Inter Camp where boys get to choose the sport in which they want to receive high quality instruction several times during the coming week. The following week, another sport may be chosen at the discretion of the camper.

Waterfront Instruction

Separate daily instructional swim and small crafts periods are required for all our Junior Campers so that they develop a strong background of waterfront skills and safety concepts. For Inter and Senior campers swimming, water-skiing, sailing, kayaking, etc., are available daily by choice.

Optional Sports

In addition to our ‘core’ sports, we offer by choice a number of strong, optional sports programs in lacrosse, volleyball, flag footbal, hockey (both roller and ice) and golf.


Brant Lake Camp also offers special instructional time in our ‘core’ sports periods–  plus others as requested. These are for smaller groups of 2-5 motivated campers where more personalized coaching and practice is done.

Lastly, we believe that every game or activity played at Brant Lake Camp provides the opportunity for instruction whether it’s a league game, a sail on the lake or an Inter Camp contest. The teaching moment is always at hand.