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Intercamps & Tourneys

Through Four Generations and over 100 years of private ownership, Brant Lake Camp has always taken pride in being a place - "Where Sports Are Done Right"

At Brant Lake Camp, Intercamp Games and Tournaments include a broad range of sports and levels of competition involving camps both in and out of the Adirondacks.

Consistent with our policy of providing “appropriate competition” based on the mini camp/age of a camper, competition in a variety of sports increases in type and frequency as the boys get older. Most of the Intercamps and Tournaments are in our core sports of baseball, basketball, tennis and soccer although other activities are sometimes involved.

In the Junior Camp, Intercamps are referred to as Play Dates with everyone participating and the emphasis on fun. In the Inter Camp, games are structured for full participation for each boy who chooses to play. In the Senior Camp, Intercamps are more competitive but all who want to play have that opportunity. Tournaments in the Senior Camp are the only type of competitive activity where a camper must show strong abilities and/or try out for a team.

The following will briefly recap what we offer:

Play Dates

For our younger Junior Campers, we host or visit one or two camps during the summer, for a fun filled day of baseball, basketball, soccer and tennis with the emphasis on fun. For example, in basketball (if appropriate for the skill level), a coach may play as a “Passer” for each team. In baseball, run-limit rules are used, counselors pitch and there is no winning or losing per se.

Intercamp Games

For the Inter and Senior Camps, we play games with a number of different camps that are open for all who want to play. Campers have their choice as to what sports they participate in and often the teams are comprised of different skill levels. Additionally, Intercamps have no set varsity or A or B teams. After seeing which two sports boys select, we break them into teams FOR THAT DAY ONLY. So it is likely that many boys will sometimes play on an A team on one occasion and on a B team some other time.


Tournament teams are available to provide additional opportunities for those campers who seek higher level competitive games. There are baseball, basketball and soccer tournaments for each of five grade levels (6th and under, 7th and under, 8th and under, 9th and under and 10th and under) groups, as well as one or two roller hockey tournaments.  Tournament teams practice a few times a week and are spirited, well-coached, and very often, successful.

In the Intermediate division of camp, we always enter more than one team in a Tournament to ensure more opportunities for those interested. In the Senior Camp this often happens, but is not guaranteed. In the Senior Camp, tryouts are held and teams are sometimes based solely on ability, regardless of age.

Tennis Tournaments

Tennis tournaments are sometimes dealt with a little differently than other sports at Brant Lake Camp vis a vis our view on age appropriate competition. Due to the sport’s individual participant nature and the fact that a few boys start playing very competitively at young ages, the lower age range permitted by BLC for tennis tournament participation is an exception to our overall guidelines.

For example, Brant Lake Camp hosts a tournament at our facilities which includes different divisions (example – for 10, 12, 14 and 16 year old players), who come from around the Northeast as well as from other camps. In order to provide the fullest participation possible to Brant Lakers, the tournament starts a day early for our qualified campers, regardless of age, where the winner of a pre-qualifying playoff match then enters the “official draw” for the tournament. There are sometimes other off-campus tennis tournaments which are usually handled in the same manner.