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Core Sports

Through Four Generations and over 100 years of private ownership, Brant Lake Camp has always taken pride in being a place - "Where Sports Are Done Right"

Brant Lake Camp features four ‘Core’ sports in it’s instructional programs, although there are many others as noted. They include Basketball, Baseball, Tennis and Soccer. The instruction in these sports is second to none and is equal to any specialty camp, largely due to the experience and age-appropriate experience of our coaching staff.


Basketball at Brant Lake Camp is one of our most popular sports and involves top level instruction as well as age-appropriate game play. Our goal is to aid in the growth of a camper’s game from skill development to all aspects of team play.

We have appropriately sized facilities (different basket heights, court dimensions, and ball sizes) based on a camper’s age.  There are over 8 courts, including our indoor arena, feature center campus lighted court, and our always fun “dunk ball” court which is also lighted for night play.

While each basketball session has its own specific objectives based on the skill level of players and whether it is an instructional or game period, our teaching philosophy remains the same.  We emphasize the fundamentals of the game, individual skills, and team play.  Our instructional sessions are action-packed, with little waste of time.  Brant Lake Camp offers many game opportunities which allow campers to put into play those fundamentals and team concepts stressed in practice.

BLC has many middle school, high school, and college coaches, as well as a number of current and former D-1 and D-3 college players, that help coach and run our basketball program.

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  • proper shooting, passing, ball handling and foot work techniques
  • offensive moves off the dribble (maximizing a triple threat by teaching a variety of moves off the jab step)
  • moving without the ball to use screens and cuts to free oneself.

Team Play

  • emphasis on free lance ‘Motion Offense ‘ (or Passing Game), which teaches players to move intelligently no matter what style of play one’s coach utilizes (screening away from the ball, understanding spacing, back-door cuts, v-cuts, etc
  • understanding the plus/minus stat to encourage awareness of how to help your team in ways other than scoring

Man-to-Man Defense

  • proper stance, balance and footwork
  • proper positioning to be a better help defender
  • helping against dribble penetration (help and recover)
  • handling screens on the ball (hedge, blitz or switch)
  • defending screens away from the ball (including back-screens)
  • defending post-ups (fronting, playing on the side, doubling down)
  • proper rotations and more
  • Fast Break Opportunities
  • 2 on 1 and 3 on 2 situations
  • How to turn a fast break into a Secondary Break to maximize offense without turning the ball over


As with our other core sports, baseball offers many instructional opportunities via clinics and Selectivity as well as game opportunities in Intra as well as Intercamp play. Our philosophy is to build a strong base of the necessary skills as well as mechanics to progress in the sport. Importantly, younger clinic sessions include many fun drills and games in order to maintain boys’ concentration and interest.

We have 4 baseball fields, each geared to the age and abilities of our campers. These include official Little League, Babe Ruth League and Major Leagurs distances—the latter set in Alumni Stadium with spectator seating for the entire camp.  All fields are dragged and lined every day, have all-grass infields and two have their own sprinkler systems. Two batting cages with pitching machines are also adjacent to the two larger fields.

As with our other Core Sports, we have a number of high school and college coaches who run our baseball program, along with the assistance of several D-1 and D-3 players.

Each baseball practice is well planned and has its own goals based on the age and skill level of players.  Regardless of the session, our approach is consistent in terms of both teaching proper mechanics and team play. Our instructional sessions are non-stop, with little standing around as campers do many drills in smaller group work stations.

Learn More About Our Instructional Approach:

Instruction points and coaching approaches will vary by age and ability but will include as appropriate:

Defensive Play

  • proper throwing mechanics for both infield and outfield including weight balance, shoulder rotation, targeting and release points, proper striding and footwork, vs overhead
  • infield play including ground ball at a fielder vs to forehand and back hand, slow rollers and throwing off the opposite foot, sliding stops in the hole, double play footwork, positioning for/proper tagging, cut-off play, run down or pickle cycling, among others
  • outfield play including charging fly balls, over-the-shoulder catches, fielding ground balls on the run, dealing with the sun, playing the outfield fence, relays and cut-offs, throwing behind the runner
  • team defense and player positioning/backing up, on-field player communication, trick plays,

Offensive Play

  • proper hitting fundamentals including bat finger grip, stance, the stride, hip turn and proper rear foot pivot, shoulder, arms and head positioning, role of the top hitting hand and bat speed, opposite field hitting, hitting the curve and off speed pitches, hitting approach and pitch selection, etc
  • proper bunting techniques including batting stance vs ‘old school’ square- around, plate management, head, hand and elbow positioning, sacrifice and drag bunts, fake bunt-and-hit, etc.
  • base running including one and two-way leads from all bases, stealing, sliding including stand up, modified hook, head first, double play break up, pickle breakers, base approaches and running “off” a base

Pitching and Catching

  • Pitching: proper arm mechanics, the stride and centerline, lead foot landing, ‘gathering’, rotation and push off, spotting the ball, pitching strategy, pick off moves, covering first, back up responsibilities
  • Catching: proper stance and throwing mechanics, blocking balls, tag positions at home, stealing throws to all bases, target setting and game calling, mask management, fielding bunts, running the infield


The soccer program emphasizes the core fundamental skills of dribbling, passing, ball protection, shooting, heading, and defensive play. Both skill and game sessions place importance on both individual and team play. One-on-one coaching helps campers to build on their techniques, while group drills provide a chance to learn to execute these skills as an integral part of a team.

We have a beautiful all-grass, full size soccer pitch (which is also divided in half for two simultaneous games by younger age groups) plus a lighted artificial turf practice field.

An environment of encouragement and support is ideal for campers looking to take their fundamental skills to the next level, or provide the perfect introduction to soccer as a sport.

BLC has many high school and college soccer coaches plus some professional players from the USA, England, Scotland, Wales, and other countries.  This allows our campers to receive dynamic and high-quality training and coaching.


Tennis at Brant Lake Camp is a very popular sport and involves top level instruction along with age-appropriate games. Our goal is to aid in the improvement of a camper’s abilities from basic skills to match play.

We have 15 tennis courts, including 6 that can be used for USTA QuickStart play for younger campers.  There are 3 courts that are lighted for night play.

Our goal is to build a strong base of the necessary skills as well as mechanics to be successful and have fun on the tennis court.  Importantly, lessons include many fun drills and games in order to enhance each boy’s experience.

Tennis instruction is offered in various ways.  In additional to the everyday tennis schedule, those boys who desire more frequent lessons may opt for our Special or Intensive Tennis programs.

Our boys benefit from working with Brant Lake Camp’s tennis pros, who run our high-quality instructional program.  In addition, we have many high school and college tennis players from the USA and around the world who supplement the pros’ outstanding teaching.