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Through Four Generations and over 100 years of private ownership, Brant Lake Camp has always taken pride in being a place - "Where Sports Are Done Right"

Having strong, mature leadership and coaching experience is key to successful sports instruction. At Brant Lake Camp virtually all our sports instruction periods are under the direction of a Key Staff member and supported by those counselors and other Key Staff who have strong coaching backgrounds as well as playing experience in their respective sports. In essence, we have three coaching staffs, one for each of our Mini Camps. Furthermore, we make sure our instructors and coaches have experience and the ability to teach within the age group they are assigned. We utilize the most up-to-date, age-appropriate and proven practice plans and drills to insure the best outcome possible. Several pre-camp “training” periods for our coaches are a part of our orientation week to familiarize all new coaches with our approach and philosophy.
Currently, we have nearly 30 young men and women who have coached at the Middle School through College level.  As noted elsewhere, however, they are not Specialists, remaining on a court or field all day, subjected to burn out and declining energy, but spend a large part of the day with campers. We believe this “Hybrid System” is the best approach to teaching young boys sports as well as providing the care and friendship they deserve. Furthermore, our Directors often support or lead many instruction periods and have over 100 years, themselves, of coaching experience.


Our staff who have coached at Middle School, High School or College Levels

Rich Gersten Andy Berlin Max Gersten
Bob Gersten Dave Cramoy David Cutler
Rick Brunt Zach Cohen Nick Maske
Ray Abellard David Ohring Chris Carrano
Adam Stoner Bill Gillet Dane Smith
Danny Bernstein “Sizzle” Franklyn Eli Franze
Rachel Milim Tony Dacosta Chris “Moo” Haynes
John Vaslowski Luca Milanovic Raul Pastor
Althea White Nesta Felix Balasz Nagy
Karol Najmik Josh Hayes Chris Gilkes