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Sports Done Right

Through Four Generations and over 100 years of private ownership, Brant Lake Camp has always taken pride in being a place - "Where Sports Are Done Right"

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Our belief is that a camp that has articulated a logical, rational, and comprehensive philosophy towards sports is far more likely to provide a program that will provide a positive experience for all campers.  With exposure to a variety of sports, proper sports instruction and skill development, and age-appropriate coaching, our campers enjoy the rewards of competitive play.  At Brant Lake Camp, we have a thoughtful plan for every aspect of our sports program, in each of our Three Mini Camps– and we know our kids well. This is why we are a camp “Where Sports Are Done Right”.

It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination!!

Statistics indicate that your child is not going to be a Pro (0.3% of HS athletes become pros) and it is unlikely that he will be a D-1 scholarship athlete.   However your child can have great fun and learn much through playing sports.  Whether he ends up being one who loves to play and knows how to play smartly; or he plays some day on his high school team or maybe even at a college level, Brant Lake Camp will take him on a fun journey filled with helpful experiences and a lifetime of memories.

Brant Lake Camp takes great pride in providing a healthy sports environment for campers.  Sports can provide great “life lessons” when done right and at Brant Lake we give much thought and effort to providing such learning opportunities.  (Sports can also provide a lifetime of nightmares, fears and anxiety when not done right.)  Trying one’s hardest, working as a team, overcoming obstacles and deficits (Resilience), playing fairly, treating opponents with respect, accepting winning and losing in a gracious way (Character) are very important lessons that come from sports. And these lessons are honed each day and each summer at Brant Lake Camp.

Brant Lake Camp is a great summer home for boys who wish to push, or at older ages be pushed towards their potential, or for boys who just love to play. We provide many opportunities for learning, improving and playing in the right kind of environment.


In all Divisions of Brant Lake Camp, camper participation and good sportsmanship are paramount. We also stress that winning and losing, or being a good athlete or less gifted one, has no connection to the value of the person. We give no ‘varsity’ letters/jackets or prizes, trophies, or awards for athletic excellence. The only special award by group at Brant Lake Camp is a Citizenship Award that is given to 5-10% of an age group and is based on helpfulness, compassion, and sportsmanship.

We place significant emphasis on both the quantity and quality of our athletic instruction, which is a core element in all our sports activity. We have required clinic instruction for our younger campers in the ‘core’ sports and various instructional programs, with increasing levels of choice, in all of our Mini Camps.

While we have many college and former high school players who are counselors and very much involved in our instruction, experienced coaches and Key Staff are the leaders and lesson planners for all our instructional programs. Importantly, we have over 30 experienced coaches who believe fully in our philosophy and who all have worked with kids at the middle school and high school levels with some coaching at the college level.

Lastly, we take great pride in our thoughtful approach to competition. As noted, competition can affect different kids in different ways. It follows then that the ‘Appropriateness’ of the competition is paramount to whether a competitive situation is a positive or negative one. This can be influenced by many conditions and situations including a boy’s age and emotional maturity, skills and experience, the “importance” of an event, coaching and expectations, and rules, among others. It is most important to have a solid understanding of these factors and when children are ready for various types of competitive play.

At Brant Lake Camp we view competition quite differently within each of our Mini Camps: Junior, Inter and Senior.  We believe that our orientation to what is ‘Appropriate Competition’ sets us apart from other camps who often feel that competition is always good, or are non-competitive, or that do not give much thought to this very important topic.

Sports Done Right