Special & Intensive Tennis

We take great pride in providing outstanding instruction in our major sports programs at Brant Lake Camp, with tennis being one of those that is truly special and at the forefront. While all our boys have considerable opportunity for tennis lessons and matches (approx 4-6 times per week), we offer two unique, voluntary and supplemental programs for those campers who wish to develop in the sport even more. We refer to these programs as: 1) Special Tennis and 2) Intensive Tennis. (In the Senior Camp these programs are known as Tennis Majors)
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There is no additional fee for Special or Intensive Tennis, but there is a necessary commitment by the camper to attend and give a full effort during these sessions. Special Tennis means that a camper will receive 2-3 EXTRA lessons/matches per week at a time set up by their tennis pro. Intensive Tennis lessons/matches occur an EXTRA 4-6 times per week. These sessions will usually happen during a Hobby Time or during General Swim time. Once again, when scheduled, the camper must give up their otherwise scheduled activity (it will never be during a “team activity”) and take part with a strong effort. The length of the Special and Intensive Tennis sessions vary as to age but they follow the approximate format:

* Sophs and Juniors: 2:1 ratio for 30 minutes
* Inters and Seniors: 2:1 or 1:1 ratio for 45 minutes

We do not recommend that a camper take Intensive Tennis unless there is an absolute strong commitment towards tennis as the primary activity that the camper enjoys. Of course, a boy can drop out or add it in during the summer, but it is best to make a thoughtful choice at the beginning in order for us to manage this program effectively.