Mission Statement

BLC EQUALS: Fun, Growth, Empathy, Integrity, Spirit and Family!

BLC Mission Statement

1)   PROVIDE physical and emotional safety for our campers while   helping develop our campers’ sense of independence.

2)   PROVIDE an incredibly fun experience steeped in tradition, camp spirit and good values.

3)    WE DO SPORTS RIGHT (nuanced and thoughtful approach).

 In support of our Mission:

Mature Key Staff supervision coupled with exceptional camper understanding. WE KNOW OUR CAMPERS.

Three “Mini-Camps” within the camp, each geared to its respective age group but all sharing common experiences and participating in many full camp activities.

The full summer away from home experience, developing each boys sense of independence within a safe and nurturing environment.

Excellent Sports Instruction and a thoughtful, nuanced approach to competition, plus participation in a broad and varied range of activities.

Our Arts and our Music/Drama are part of the heartbeat of BLC.

Respect for others, good sportsmanship and appropriate behavior are constantly and consistently reinforced.

Four Generations of one family ownership/directorship spanning 100+ years providing continuity and traditions unparalleled in camping.

We feel and welcome the weight of our legacy and the passion and pride in the hearts and memories of our alumni. 


 BLC Fundamentals/Guidelines

-Fun! Tradition! Spirit!

-We seek Excellence (not efficiency)

-We do what is best, not easiest

-Sports: It is about the Journey not the Destination

-We know our campers!

-Many talented Key Staff (over 50 people with between 4 and 69 summers of counselor experience at BLC)

-Quick and Nimble guides our programming (organized yet flexible)

-Empathy- we know, we feel and care about EACH of our campers

-Walk the Walk (Role Models)

-Integrity (We do what we say we do)

-Our plethora of Key Staff allow our college aged counselors to be friends, role models and problem recognizers, NOT problem solvers

-Happy Counselors make for Happy Campers