Senior Camp - Key Differences

What Differentiates Senior Camp from its Junior and Intermediate Camps?

  • Later wake-up and later bed times
  • More individualized instructional sessions and extra game opportunities if campers wish including baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, water-skiing, and golf
  • Longer Selectivity/game periods
  • Additional hobby choices including weight training, cross country running, lacrosse, volleyball, mountain biking and others
  • Specialty golf and tennis provide another opportunity to get individualized instruction and play
  • Leagues continue, but boys are given the choice to participate in only those sports they enjoy. In lieu of leagues for those sports, Supplemental instruction is available in a sport of choice.
  • Inter-camp games continue as with our Inter Division, but tournaments with other camps are more prevalent. A tournament team is selected based on talent and commitment and they practice often prior to an upcoming tournament.
  • Varsity practices for tournament bound teams
  • Specialty days offered where boys can opt to participate in a chosen sport for 5 hours during that day
  • Green and Gray includes Senior-featured games with the whole camp watching
  • The opportunity to play multiple sports most evenings under the lights
  • Numerous coed activities (4-5 times per week)
  • Two "luxury", multi-day trips are offered during special trip weeks. Destinations include: Sr. A’s- Springfield’s Basketball Hall of Fame, Burlington, Vermont, Sr B’s- Toronto and Boston and Sr. C’s Montreal and New Hampshire.
  • The Senior clubhouse which is used for socials, movies, presentations and hanging out with friends
  • A separate Senior dining room with television to watch Sports Center and live games
  • Evening snacks after activities