Junior Camp - Key Activity Periods


For Clinics, the Sophs and Juniors are subtly divided into groups based on overall ability level and experience in the four core sports of baseball, basketball, soccer, and tennis. Each group will rotate through these four sports during the summer, receiving small-group instruction from coaches who are specifically trained to work with young children. A Clinic period will always end with some kind of game situation. In addition to the four core sports, Sophs and Juniors will have the opportunity to take lessons in waterskiing, golf, lacrosse and roller hockey, if they choose to participate.

Hobbies / Fields

Hobbies is a period when campers choose an activity they would like to do. We offer varied hobby choices each day, such as archery, climbing wall, falg football, arts and crafts, radio, nature walks, and Gaga among others.  However, boys who can’t get enough of their favorite sports will always be able to choose one of our “Fields” choices: a tennis lesson or match, golf, lacrosse, roller hockey or a casual game of baseball, basketball, or soccer.

Games / Leagues

Sophs and Juniors play games every day, with age-appropriate competitiveness at the heart of our program's structure. In the Sophomores, campers play baseball, basketball, and soccer games during Clinics and Hobbies/Fields. In the Juniors, in addition to Clinics and Hobbies, campers begin to participate in our Leagues program. For Leagues, the Juniors are divided into equal teams for baseball and soccer. Standings are kept, culminating in playoffs for all teams at the end of the summer. Junior Leagues focus on participation, skill improvement, teamwork, sportsmanship, and fun. There is a separate optional Junior Basketball League for those boys who wish to join. Both Sophomores and Juniors have the opportunity to play in many casual tennis games, as well as challenge and tournament matches within the group. Roller hockey players have the opportunity for both instruction and games on our roller rink which is adjacent to Junior Hill.

Dining Room

The dining room offers the Sophs and Juniors a large selection of menu items at each meal. Breakfast would include a main item (French toast, pancakes, etc.), eggs, yogurt, and many cereal options. Lunch is a favorite for the Sophs and the Juniors; it could be grilled cheese, buffalo wings, pizza, or other child friendly items. In addition to our menu items, soup, salad bar, and sandwiches are always available. Dinner includes traditional items, such as chicken nuggets, grilled steak, spaghetti and meatballs, etc. Even the pickiest eaters are able to find something to eat. Counselors at each table encourage campers to try new foods, monitor what each camper eats and tend to any needs that a boy may have. The appropriate and necessary arrangements will always be made whenever a camper's well-being is concerned.

Rest Period

Rest period gives campers (and counselors) a chance to take a break from a very active daily schedule. This short after-lunch period gives the Sophomores and Juniors time to write a letter home, play a board game, listen to the radio, or just hang out and chat with friends.

Evening Activity

One of the most popular periods of the day. It includes a range of special events and games such as Capture-the-Flag, Scavenger hunts, Hide-and-Seek and other traditional camp games. There are also shows, campfires, movies, bunk nights and more.


After our evening activity it is time to go back to the bunk and slow things down. During this period our counselors make sure campers brush their teeth (as they do in the morning as well), get ready for bed, and spend time talking about the day. Many counselors read stories to their campers. When lights go out campers do not have to go straight to sleep, but must be quiet. Campers who may not be tired listen to music, write letters, or read with a flashlight. If a camper wakes up after lights out, a counselor is always around to help.