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Camp Life

Through Four Generations and over 100 years of private ownership, Brant Lake Camp has always taken pride in being a place - "Where Sports Are Done Right"

Life at Brant Lake

Our mission

- Provide physical and emotional safety for our campers while helping develop our campers’ sense of independence.

- Provide an incredibly fun experience steeped in tradition, camp spirit, and good values.

- Sports Done Right - nuanced and thoughtful approach to instruction and competition.

- Short Term Goal: Happy, healthy campers making growth as people, improving skills, making friends, gaining from new experiences.

- Long Term Goal: Help develop happy, healthy, caring, independent, productive adults.

What makes us different?

Key Staff

At Brant Lake Camp, we believe the number one factor in our success is the quality and quantity of of experienced adults who we call “Key Staff”.  

While we hire great college-age counselors each summer who are well trained by us - many who are returnees - they are not the ones we want making key decisions about what is safe or appropriate during the course of each day. A camp needs mature supervision of both staff and campers to ensure good judgement.

Key Staff play leadership roles as Head Counselors, Group Heads, Athletic Directors, Activity Heads, and Guidance Personnel. Each of our 3 Mini-Camps has at least six Key Staff members working solely within that Mini-Camp. By having so many Key Staff members we can allow counselors to do what they do best - being friends, role models, coaches, etc.. We believe this represents a more thoughtful approach to supervision.

Mini Camp System

Each mini-camp has its own set of facilities, own time schedule, as well as dedicated staff which allows boys each division to be part of a small and closely knit group yet an integral part of the total camp experience.

More specifically, each Mini-Camp has its own operating philosophy:

Junior Camp

Ages 7-10 who have finished up to 4th grade.

Led by Director Andy Berlin, The Junior Camp is comprised of four groups; the Frosh, the Soph A’s, Soph B’s and Juniors. Each group has their own Group Head, Guidance Person, as well as an Athletic Director. All of these men and women are teacher/educators and have been at Brant Lake Camp for years. All groups have a broad range of activities and instruction, many of which are required and competition is limited, carefully thought out and thoroughly supervised. Overall, a more structured and heavily supervised program.

-7:30am Wake-Up/Wash-Up/Clean-Up

-8:00am Breakfast

-9:00-10:00am Clinics - Assigned Sports Instruction in baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, hockey, & ski

-10:15- 11:15am Hobbies - Choice of a variety of activities including: arts and crafts, archery, fitness, flag football, lacrosse, roller hockey, waterfront activities, climbing wall, ping pong, frisbee golf, music/drama & more

-11:30-12:15am General Waterfront - A choice of many activities including swimming, sailing, skiing/wakeboarding, fishing, boating, playing in the sand, ping-pong, ‘hanging’ lakeside

-12:30pm- 2:15pm Lunch & Rest Period - Hanging out, letter writing, Board/Card games

-2:15-3:15pm Instructional Waterfront - Alternative lessons in swimming/boating

-3:30pm Snack

-4:15-5:15pm Games - Staff lead sports competition

-5:30pm Dinner

-6:15-7:15pm Free Play & Special Tennis - Supervised free time with a variety of options, including Special Tennis

-7:30-8:15pm Evening Activity - Shows, Movie Night, Scavenger Hunts, Campfires, Goofy Camp Games and more

-8:30pm Showers, “Milk & Cookies”, Bunk Time -9:00pm Lights Out


Ages 11-12 who have finished 5th and 6th grade.

The Inter Camp is comprised of two groups; the Inter A’s and B’s. Max Gersten is the Director that oversee's both groups while each has their own outstanding set of veteran leaders. On "Inter Row" campers enjoy more choice of activities & instruction, an expansive intramural experience, a wider range of trips, occasional socials, inter-camp games, and tournaments. The action packed schedule for Inter boys keeps everyone moving and playing all day long.

-8:00 - 9:30 a.m. Wake-up, Breakfast, Clean-up

-9:30 - 11:15 a.m. Selectivity - Your choice of instruction in one of the following: baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, lacrosse,golf, roller hockey, swimming, small crafts, skiing

-11:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. Hobbies - A choice of many activities including: arts and crafts, archery, fitness, flag football,, roller hockey, waterfront activities, climbing wall, ping pong, frisbee golf, music/drama & more

-1:15 - 2:30 p.m. Lunch and Rest Period

-2:30 - 4:15 p.m. Leagues - Summer-long team competition: Games in baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, street hockey, flag football, and track.

-4:15pm Snack

-4:30 - 5:30 p.m. General Waterfront - A choice of many activities including swimming, sailing, skiing/wakeboarding, fishing, boating, ping-pong no hyphen, ‘hanging’ relaxing? lakeside and more…

-5:15 - 6:15 p.m. Optional Special Instruction or Free Play (intensive instruction is offered in a variety of sports)

-6:15pm Dinner

-7:30 - 8:30 p.m. Evening Activity - Shows, Movie Night, Scavenger Hunts, Campfires, Goofy Camp Games and more

-8:30 - 9:30 p.m. Milk and Cookies, wash-up/showers, bunk games and bedtime


Ages 13-15 who have finished 7th through 9th grade.

The Senior Camp is comprised of three groups; Senior A’s, B’s and C’s. Zach Cohen and 'Doc' Brunt are the Directors in charge of our oldest campers. As a senior, campers have considerably more opportunity to shape their own program and even specialize instruction in a single sport. Seniors also enjoy regular trip days in addition to a couple major  trips throughout the summer to places like Boston, Toronto, and Montreal. There is no shortage of fun and spirit with our Seniors.

-Later wake-up and bedtimes

-Extra opportunities for games or individualized instruction in a variety of sports including baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, waterskiing, flag football, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, weight training, and golf

-Individualized instructional sessions are regularly offered

-Longer Selectivity/game periods

-Intercamp games continue but tournaments with other camps are more prevalent. A tournament team is selected based on talent and commitment, and they practice often prior to an upcoming tournament.

-Varsity practices for tournament bound teams

-Specialty days offered where boys can opt to participate in a chosen sport for 5 hours during that day

-Green and Gray includes Senior-featured games with the whole camp watching

-The opportunity to play multiple sports most evenings under the lights

-Numerous optional coed activities (3-4 times per week)

-Two "luxury," multi-day trips are offered during special trip weeks. Destinations include: Springfield’s Basketball Hall of Fame, Burlington, Vermont, Toronto, Boston, Montreal and New Hampshire.

-The Senior Clubhouse, which is used for socials, movies, large group gatherings, and hanging out with friends

-A separate Senior dining room with television to watch SportsCenter and live games

-Evening snacks after activities

Counselor Utilization

We want every counselor to know that his first responsibility is to the boys in his bunk; second, to the boys in the age group that he is living with; and third to the activity in which one can best be helpful.

While we have experienced coaches in charge of our core sports in all divisions of camp, we hire our counselors first as general counselors

Health & Nutrition

At Brant Lake Camp, our goal is to care for all of our boys and to make sure that they are healthy and safe as well as provide good, nutritious and well-balanced meals that kids love. We are also well equipped to manage food allergies with our separate food preparation facilities for those who require it.  In addition, we provide a variety of options so that even the pickiest of eaters can have an enjoyable meal.

We maintain a “PEANUT/TREE NUT – FREE” policy throughout our camp which means we do not serve or offer any nuts or products that contain nuts or nut oil as an ingredient. This includes pistachios, almonds, pecans, coconuts, among others.

More information

Brant Lake Camp maintains its own beautiful pine-paneled and freshly remodeled Health Center on campus with two separate examination rooms, medicine dispensary, private overnight rooms and two ward/play rooms. Each private room is equipped with a television and gaming to help the hours pass by more pleasantly. The Health Center also has its own kitchen and a private, enclosed outdoor dining area. Brant Lake Camp is also only a short distance from two other health centers in our local communities and a major hospital as well as specialists in Glens Falls. EMT support is stationed locally and BLC has its own full time EMT personnel on campus.

Our resident health staff consists of a doctor and four registered nurses who oversee the medical needs of our campers throughout the entire summer, including those with special problems such as allergies, chronic health issues and those requiring regular medication. If a boy is confined to the Health Center for more than 24 hours, or is receiving care for a special problem, the health staff will always consult with his parents about his status and care. We readily seek the assistance of the boy’s personal physician or one of the many fine specialists in our area with parental coordination.

Our staff also understands that youngsters away from home with a health problem often need a dose of extra “tender loving care”—and they always go the extra distance to make sure that all is right.

At Brant Lake Camp, our goal is to provide good, nutritious and well-balanced meals that kids love. And from what we hear and learn from our food surveys, we’re doing a pretty good job.

Our Chef Abu has been with us for over 30 years and is a favorite—making sure that all our campers are well taken care of.

We have fresh fruit available at every meal, a salad bar, vegetarian and pasta alternatives, fresh baked breads, cakes and cookies—and a whole lot more. Special diets and allergies are also closely monitored by our special needs chef and pantry manager who take care of these personalized needs. Importantly, we maintain a “Peanut/Nut-Free” policy throughout camp. (Please see below for more information on this policy and Special Diets.)

We serve most meals in our two newly remodeled and rustic, pine-paneled dining rooms located in center campus. Our lower dining room is for our Junior and Inter Campers, who eat at separate sittings and serves buffet style. Our upper dining room, with its new outdoor eating porch, is for our Senior campers. In both dining areas, we recently added a new audio system so now music adds to the fun towards the end of most meals—with most everyone, somewhat surprisingly, joining in on the singing and even dancing. We also have many outdoor meal occasions which the kids really enjoy including our all-camp BBQ’s and our Sunday cookouts at the lake. Our 5-year party and Awards Banquet (on the last night of camp) are also among our very special events.

We maintain a “PEANUT/TREE NUT – FREE” policy throughout our camp which means we do not serve or offer any nuts or products that contain nuts or nut oil as an ingredient. This includes pistachios, almonds, pecans, coconuts, among others.

Brant Lake Camp is highly equipped and prepared in caring for campers with special dietary needs, particularly those with food allergies, sensitivities and/or intolerances in addition to vegetarian and vegan diets. In support of this growing need, we have a second professional chef who is dedicated to preparing meals and snacks for those with special food needs. Importantly, we have a separate cooking and preparation area in the kitchen, as well as serving window, to help insure that food is not exposed to allergen contamination. In this way we can safely provide for those campers with Celiac disease, gluten-free needs, among others.

We maintain a “PEANUT/TREE NUT – FREE” policy throughout our camp which means we do not serve or offer any nuts or products that contain nuts or nut oil as an ingredient. This includes pistachios, almonds, pecans, coconuts, among others.

Furthermore, no peanut or tree nut products are permitted to be brought into camp or provided as gifts/treats during the summer. Products that contain nuts, or are produced on machinery/facilities that also process food and/or candy which contains nuts, are also not offered or permitted. We review food labels on a regular basis and will not serve food products where peanuts, tree nuts or sesame are noted. We also do not serve any shellfish.

Please be aware that while we maintain a very strict policy concerning the above items, take precautions to prevent contact with these allergens and are vigilant in our efforts, we cannot guarantee that campers with allergies will not come into contact with these foods while at camp. This is due to the fact that nuts and sesame are not always obvious ingredients in foods, are not always clearly labeled and that others entering camp may have in their possession.

Families with campers who have allergies are requested to review their particular case with us, complete the necessary dietary and health record forms and agree on a plan of action for the summer. Brant Lake Camp, as part of it’s on-going education efforts, will work with its staff as well as other campers and parents to make them aware of the risks involved with allergens and insure that they adhere to our strict policy at all times, including the monitoring of all campers during out-of-camp trips.

Other food allergies and food related health issues are readily dealt with on an individual case basis including gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerance. Brant Lake Camp regularly stocks rice milk, Silk soy milk, as well as whole, 1%, fat free milk and 1% chocolate milk and will stock Lactaid milk as needed. Lactaid tablets are also available and can be given at meals and snack time.

Epi pens, in addition to being available in the Health Center, are kept in our dining room, all bunk areas, the waterfront, center campus/office and Arts & Crafts. Epi pen training is also conducted for many key staff throughout camp and for kitchen personnel.

While “picky” eaters present problems for most food service operations with a somewhat fixed menu, we do provide options at each meal and address specific camper needs on an individual basis before the start of the summer. For example, there is always pasta available (plain or with a sauce) as well as vegetarian options at both lunch and dinner. Additionally, a sandwich table with a variety of cold cuts and special breads is always offered as an alternative at lunch, and a full salad bar is available at both lunch and dinner which includes a variety of mixed greens, tomatoes, cottage cheese, tuna, fruit and pasta salad, etc.

Lastly, certain accommodations can be made for boys on special or restricted diets involving the storing and serving of some special food items for their use only.

References are available from our group of special diet need camper families upon request.


  • Orange Juice
  • Milk (skim, 1-2%, whole, soy, chocolate)
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot cereal
  • Cold cereal variety
  • Fresh fruit
  • Yogurt
  • Pancakes (plain, blueberry, banana)
  • Scrambled and fried eggs; home fries
  • Cheese omelets
  • Belgian waffles
  • French toast
  • Donuts and Pastries
  • Bagels and cream Cheese


  • Soup
  • Deli-style cold cuts sandwich bar
  • Salad Bar
  • Tuna salad
  • Pasta salad
  • Hot pasta/vegetarian alternative
  • Soy Nut Butter and Jelly
  • Fresh fruit
  • Apple Juice or fruit punch
  • Ice cream/ices or cookies
  • Grilled cheese
  • Chicken nuggets, tenders or "buffalo" wings
  • Philly cheese steak subs
  • Hamburgers and French fries
  • Hot dogs and baked beans
  • Pizza
  • Tacos
  • Burritos
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Cold cut subs
  • Chicken breast sandwiches


  • Salad bar and bread/rolls
  • Vegetables; potatoes, pasta or rice
  • Fresh fruit
  • Pasta/Vegetarian alternative
  • Dessert
  • Turkey with stuffing
  • Spaghetti & meatballs
  • Grilled steak
  • BBQ chicken
  • International theme foods
  • - Chinese
  • - Mexican
  • - Italian
  • Mediterranean stir fry
  • Baked Lasagna and Ziti

2021 Dates

Saturday, June 26 - Camp begins

Friday, Aug 13 - Camp Ends

Frosh Program

For Boys Completing 1st Grade only

Session 1: Saturday, June 26 – Saturday, July 10th

Session 2: Sunday, July 11th - Saturday, July 24th

Boys may attend one or both sessions


2021 Fees

Tuition: $13,875

Frosh program: Tuition: $4,475 for two weeks or $8,625 for four weeks

We also offer a 4 week option (with opportunity to extend) at $8,625

Transportation - Round trip bus from the NYC metropolitan area: $290