Benefits of Being a Camp Counselor

A Note from Director Richie G. 

I often mention to those interested in being counselors at Brant Lake Camp that the job is a difficult one with long hours and that it is surely to be frustrating at times.  For most, however, the pros well outweigh the cons.  This article catches some of the fun and rewarding parts of being a counselor.  Perceptibly, it also captures some of the subtle, yet most valuable, parts of the job.  People who have been camp counselors at a well-run, experienced camp like Brant Lake, are sure to leave a better person than when they came.  By being challenged on an everyday basis, one learns much about oneself. 

I think very few internships can match the value of being a sleep-away camp counselor in terms of growth and preparation for life. When business leaders cite skills necessary for 21st century jobs, resilience, flexibility and teamwork always are mentioned prominently.  These are qualities honed by being a camp counselor everyday of the summer.  Additionally, as mentioned in the article, being a counselor gives one many anecdotal experiences that will be invaluable at interviews.

I hope many of you will read this article.