Three Mini-Camp System

As boys become older and more mature, we believe that their program should be geared to coincide with their evolving emotional and physical development. Our unique three Mini-Camp System is designed allow for distinct and unique programs that are tailored to their age. For example,  the length of the activity periods are increasingly longer as a boy moves up given longer attention spans, et al. Additionally, each mini-camp has its own set of facilities, size-suitable to their ages, as well as dedicated Key and Counselor Staff who we believe are best suited for each age group. This allows boys to be part of a small and closely knit group yet an integral part of the total camp experience.
Our Mini Camps include 1) the Junior Camp,  comprised of our youngest boys, which is divided into three groups (Soph A’s and B’s and Juniors), who have completed the second, third and fourth grade respectively.  2) the Intermediate Camp, made up of boys who have finished the fifth and sixth grade (Inter A’s and B’s) and 3) the Senior Camp, which is comprised of our oldest boys, who have completed the seventh, eighth and ninth grades (Senior A’s, B’s and C’s).  Our Mini Camp system is another way we care for our campers in the best possible way. (See Camp Life)