More Mature key Staff

While we hire great college age counselors each summer who are well trained by us, many who are returnees and do a great job-- they are not the ones we want making key decisions about what is safe or appropriate during the course of each day. You need mature supervision of both staff and campers to insure that good judgement is the rule. At Brant Lake Camp, we believe that the number one factor in our long term success is the quality and quantity of those who we call Key Staff who serve in this role. Unlike other camps, we have more mature adults—in fact more than 40 men and women Key Staff who are over 25 years old, with most having prior experience with us; some for as many as 15 to 50 summers. These individuals play leadership roles in areas such as Head Counselors, Group Heads, Athletic Directors, Activity Heads and Guidance Personnel. Each of our three Mini-Camps (100 plus campers in each) has at least six Key Staff members working primarily, if not solely, within that Mini-Camp. By having so many Key Staff members throughout our camp, we can keep counselors doing what they do best, i.e. being friends to kids, role models, coaches and teachers. We believe that’s a thoughtful approach to supervision.