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More Mature Key Staff

Through Four Generations and over 100 years of private ownership, Brant Lake Camp has always taken pride in being a place - "Where Sports Are Done Right"

One of the key factors that differentiate Brant Lake from other camps is that we have more mature counselors—who we call our “Key-Staff”, than any other camp that we’re aware of.

In addition to our five Directors, Rich, Bob, Karen, Dave and Andy, who have over 100 years of experience as Directors of BLC, we have more than 30 Key Staff members. These staff members represent the backbone of our Counselor Staff and provide the mature, daily leadership and oversight in every one of our Mini-Camps. This Key Staff group, who is mostly comprised of teachers and coaches, total close to 500 years of experience at Brant Lake Camp and are among the most favorite staff we have among the kids.

Having so many Key Staff allows us to accomplish well so many of the special things we do within our program and ensures the warmth, spirit, guidance, safety and healthy fun for which we are known.

Key Staff

Rich Gersten 40+ Max Gersten 25+
Bob Gersten 40+ Alexa Minion 8
Andy Berlin 25+ Hamish Cooper 8
Max Gersten 25+ Rick Kozlowski 30+
David Cutler 35+ Sophia Berlin 10+
John Vaslowski 25+ “Sizzle” Franklyn 10+
Zach Cohen 20+ Jon Rothman  15+
Rick “Doc” Brunt 35+ Rhodri Dafydd 5
Billy Gillet 35+ Jill McKissock 9
Nick Maske 15+ Zach Wehmeyer 7
Adam Stoner 8 Merrin Meltzer 10+
Joe Patrick 10 Blake Pearson 10+
John Stewart 10+ David Ohring 15+
Mani Cadet 20+ Austin Anderson 5
John Seebach 6 Kate Camnitz 10+

Administrative Key Staff

Mieks Gersten 35+ Karen Meltzer 40+
Jen Gillet 15+ Sandy Norcross 40+
Charlie Maxam 25+ Abu Yardmici 30+
Beth Bernstein 10+ Maureen Wohlgemuth 7


Coaches (Coached at Middle School, High School or College Levels)

Rich Gersten Andy Berlin Max Gersten
Bob Gersten Dave Cramoy David Cutler
Rick Brunt Zach Cohen Nick Maske
Ray Abellard David Ohring Chris Carrano
Adam Stoner Bill Gillet Dane Smith
Danny Bernstein “Sizzle” Franklyn Eli Franze
Rachel Milim Tony Dacosta Chris “Moo” Haynes
John Vaslowski Luca Milanovic Raul Pastor
Althea White Nesta Felix Balasz Nagy
Karol Najmik Josh Hayes Chris Gilkes