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Junior Camp

Through Four Generations and over 100 years of private ownership, Brant Lake Camp has always taken pride in being a place - "Where Sports Are Done Right"

Ages 7-10, Finished up to 4th Grade

One of our goals for Junior Campers is to expose these younger boys to as many activities and hobbies as possible in an instructional, supportive and less competitive but fun manner– so they can gain some confidence and better decide for themselves if an activity is something they might like to do more often.

We believe that it is too soon to for any youngster to decide that they “only” play certain sports. Most of the time, we feel that boys who say they don’t want to participate in something really mean—”I’m not so good at it”, or “other boys seem to do it better than I do” or “I have never done that”. Through subtle ability grouping in some activities, good instruction and plentiful encouragement, concerns such as these are virtually eliminated. As such, many activities that might never have been tried provide a true sense of accomplishment and many years of enjoyment.

Another characteristic of our Junior Camp is that activity periods are of shorter duration which is consitent with the needs of our youngest campers. We also believe that instructional periods should take place in the morning when the attention spans of younger boys are at their best. These required periods include our core sports of baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer and swim instruction.

In summary, the Junior Camp program (for both Sophomores and Juniors) is characterized by the following:

  • An emphasis on fun, making friends, exposure to new activities and fair play.
  • Hobbies as well as sports activities.
  • Many games with teams changing often.
  • Ability-grouped athletic instruction with games at the end of the period.
  • Older half of the division also has “Little Leagues” in baseball and soccer that last all summer and include playoffs. There are also a few basketball tournaments within our age groups, tennis tournaments and ladders.
  • A “play-day” or two with another camp in which all boys participate fully and equally.
  • Green and Gray (our whole camp color competition) in which all boys participate fully but some “A” level games and “B” level games are played which are ability grouped, but of equal value, older boys are not allowed to spectate.
  • Special tennis instruction is available.