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Intermediate Camp

Through Four Generations and over 100 years of private ownership, Brant Lake Camp has always taken pride in being a place - "Where Sports Are Done Right"

Ages 11-12, Finished 5th and 6th Grade

As a boy moves to the Inter Camp, he begins to have more choices, plays in more games, competes at an increased level if he chooses, and more privileges.

All boys are still required to have instruction in the core sports of baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer and waterfront but the periods are longer– an hour and a half typically. Some intramural sports games are required, but campers can always select more sports instruction and games in those sports they have a greater interest in and which Hobbies they wish to pursue.

In summary, the Inter Camp program is characterized by the following:

  • Our Leagues program is expanded and league games occur more frequently and are a large part of our Inter schedule.
  • League teams are divided into A & B level games (rather than substitutes) with each game of equal duration and value.
  • All boys compete in League Play in baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, track & field, swim meets, and floor hockey– with playoffs at the end of the season.
  • Inter-Camp games versus neighboring camps are offered to all boys who wish to participate.
  • Green and Gray with “A” level and “B” level games of equal length and importance and with some feature games allowing spectators.
  • Instruction includes much more choice of activity and appropriate ability-grouping occurs to maximize effectiveness.
  • “Special” individualized instruction is available for everyone in baseball, basketball, soccer, as well as tennis.