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Summer 2020 Update

Through Four Generations and over 100 years of private ownership, Brant Lake Camp has always taken pride in being a place - "Where Sports Are Done Right"

Our 2020 Summer Update

Our Letter

Dear BLC Families and Alums,

We’ve learned most things in life from being players and, especially, coaches. When faced with a formidable foe, a competitor prepares fiercely and believes in their heart they can overcome the odds. The reality is no matter how hard you try and how much you want it, sometimes the opponent is just better and stronger. Sadly, we announce today that Brant Lake Camp will not be opening in 2020.

We are sorry --terribly sorry --to let you down.

To our campers, we are devastated we’ll be unable to give you a BLC summer this year. It’s impossible for us to imagine a summer without laughter at the lake, dancing in the dining room, swaying to the alma mater, and cheers echoing throughout the hills. After a bit of mourning, though, we’ll start working on making 2021 an UNBELIEVABLE season. We’ll be back next year with renewed vigor, and the joy, easy smiles and deep laughter will return, amplified by plentiful sports. Friendships will deepen. Memories will be made. Until then, remember that no matter where in the world you are, you’re never too far from your BLC family.

This is a painful day for the entire BLC Family. There will be a summer #104, it just will not be this year. We wish your families health and happiness and that you, like us, will try to see the “big picture” and recognize how fortunate most of us have been in so many ways.

As Bobby Gersten often said at the Green and Gray Closing Campfire: “Victory is in the Heart -- it’s born in the hard clean fight; the knowledge that you have done your best.” We do not feel victorious today, but we do feel we did our best. We will be back with a vengeance in 2021.

With love,

Richie, Max and Andy

Some words from an old Brant Lake song, written in the 1920s, that may resonate with some of you:

“Ole Brant Lake

Where the summer moon is shining

My Brant Lake

For the dear old camp I’m pining

Dreaming, I’m scheming

Ever for returning, yearning

Ole Brant Lake

With the big bell ringing

You are always in my dreams

For it’s there that I want to be

You’re my sweet memory

I’m coming back, again.”